How to welcome clients into your business

August 24, 2017By

How do you welcome clients into your business?

The reason I ask is because this came up recently when I was working with a client to design and systematize her client onboarding process. She asked me a very interesting question, which I’ll share with you in this video.

The way you make your clients feel is so important to running your business.

Your new clients want confirmation they have made the right choice in selecting you to help solve their problem. Your Client Onboarding process does just that.

It’s an important part of the client experience with you, your company and your brand. It’s your way of greeting new clients, showing them around and making them feel comfortable in your business.

Here are some tips to help you make your clients feel welcome:

  • A personalized welcome letter or card from you.
  • A useful gift with your logo on it (notepad, cookies or pen) or a gift card.
  • Instructions on how they can pay you (e-transfer or credit card payment makes it super easy).
  • The best way to reach you (phone, email, text) and your typical response time (number of hours).
  • An introduction to your team (photos, videos and bios are a nice touch).
  • Lastly, make sure you follow them on all social media channels and invite them to follow you.